The Folk Dance Council of the Delaware Valley

About the Folk Dance Council

The FDC is a non-profit organization dedicated promoting folk dancing in the Delaware Valley.

We were founded in in the mid-1980s, with constitution and bylaws first created in January 1987. We gained non-profit 501(c)(3) status in December of 1999 when we became affiliated with the Country Dance and Song Society, and this affiliation has continued ever since. Our purpose, from Article II of the FDC Bylaws:

To promote folk dancing and the enjoyment which it provides among the people of the Delaware Valley.
To cooperate with the folk dance groups in the Delaware Valley, and with other groups with similar purposes, in support of their activities and aims.
To coordinate calendars and events sponsored by these groups so as to minimize conflict.
To organize and sponsor folkdance events and performances which may be beyond the scope of any single folk dance group.
To act as an information and referral service in the field of folk dancing.
To serve as spokesperson for the folk dance community in its interaction with other official bodies and with the media.
To foster cooperation among individuals and organizations which support the art and enthusiasm of folk dancing.
To provide education programs in conjunction with elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities, teacher training programs, dance institutes and seminars.

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